rainforest kit xl & tube


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Welcome to the jungle! This kit contains everything you need to create your own little piece of Amazon. Perfectly tailored to your Baiosphere XL or Tube. From tropical plants to beautiful hardscape to perfect soil. Bring the rainforest to your home.

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Only 2 left in stock




exchange due to winter season:
instead of the mini bromeliad (Cryptanthus bivittatus) you get mondo grass (ophiopogon japonicus).

2 x Ø 8cm In-vitro bowl Rainmoss (Vesicularia montagnei)

2 x Neoregelia “atlantis” or “adonis”

Tillandsia espinosae

Tillandsia tricolor melanocrater

Tillandsia ionantha rubra peach

Tradescantia “zebrina” or “pink furry”

Sword Fern (cordifolia duffy)

2 x Climbing Fig shoot (Ficus Pumila)

White Fittonia (fittonia verschaffeltii)




Amazon Rock XL (from 14 cm)

Amazon Rock M (9 – 11 cm)

Driftwood (18cm – 24cm)



~1,3l bag Rainforest Soil (perfect amount for your Baiosphere XL or Tube)

~0,6l bag clay pebbles (perfect amount for your Baiosphere XL or Tube)


Please note

All our stones, woods and plants were created by no one less than Mother Nature. So the picture is just an example – but don’t worry, you can trust us to put together a fantastic kit for you 🙂


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